From the recording Wandering In The Dawn

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Empress Of The Universe Version 2

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Seasons forbode disaster
She holds the Book of Love
Upon the chapel alter
Reflects her Silver tears

Now in the moonlit cemetery
Rises an aeon of the shadow of death
Forwarded ritual crossroads
Closer with every pained breath

She's a well sought specter
Sighted in a grove, now in the woods
In her sinister aspect
Weeping in a blue hood

Sister of the trances
Guardian of the victims of change
Flower pedals adorn her passage
Observe the fire in my eyes

Eerie light shows presence of moisture
Decline of this age has now begun
Shrouded mystic holy cloister
Hostess of the secret son

Empress of the universe
Shine your tears down on us
Empress of the universe
Shed you tears no more
x 2

Your time has come and gone away
Your time has come and gone away