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  1. Satyr

From the recording Wandering In The Dawn

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Down at the western boundaries of the world
I drift along a country path
I sing a little song to myself
About ages now long past

Deep under a velvet moon
The creatures gaze and swoon
In a 1000 years from now
The scene is on a painter’s brush
Eerie light in purple hues
My satyr figure’s playin tunes

Deep in the scarlet light
The stars all burning bright

It’s a long way to go
In the dawn of time
Catch a whispered stray, stay
song of mine

Along any twisting country road
You may find me walking alone
I buried my secrets in the ground
But the reeds whispered them around

Under the northerly winds
We stroll through the woods
With a flute in my hands
And my head full of pride and melody

We’re tempting every fate
Whether in jest or simply hate
Inside the Satyr’s dreams
Lay the Golden Seeds

It’s a long way to go
n the dawn of time
Catch a whispered stray, stay
song of mine

I’ll meet you, yeah

Stray wandering traveler
I’ll meet you in the morning fog
We’ll take lots for a terrible scheme
A god-defeated horror scream

Your fate entwines in pale blue light
Dance and scream and break the night!
For on the same sandy grounds we tread
Soon will cover my severed head
Buried head
Severed head