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Updates from Hell!

01Jan2019: The excavations are now complete. Satyr Syndicate Records will be taking another break to recalibrate the machinery. Once running, more new music will be released!

01Jan2019: Distant Frequencies has just released two albums. One is a re-issue of their 2000 remake of the original songs from 1992. This is the only known survivor of that strata. We know there is more, but it is far too badly damaged to safely bring up to Earth. The other is new music: Saturn and the Tiger.

18Dec2018: Stay tuned...Distant Frequencies will be hitting us next with a double release. One lo-fi album of songs from the year 2000 that are actually remakes from songs from 1992ish, and one hi-fi album of songs just recently written in 2018. Expect these near the end of the year or early 2019.

18Dec2018: Crystal Temple has quietly shuffled their long lost corpses right out of the grave and into internet, where they are unlikely to be heard by mortals (phew). It is a grab bag of misfit, lo-fi toys. Did I mention, lo-fi? If you are actually looking for this album it is previous to Cassandra.

15Dec2018: A new EP from Water Signs, Blue Scorpion is a newly created terror from the blue nightmares beyond.

11Dec2018: Word has reached SSR that Water Signs  will continue to spread its watery tentacles even more with a soon to be release EP of all new terrors!

11Dec2018: Finally...Water Signs has bled forth their blue terror. Upper strata originally from the year 2000AD.

02Dec2018: Monster Automatic! has just released it's horror upon the earth. Beware...3 foul stinking corpses rise from the cemetery soil.

25Nov2018: Satyrnine has delivered their first album from the crypt! Way to go, ghouls, we weren't sure if it was ever going to happen. Meanwhile, the earth is beginning to shake; rumours of the long lost band Water Signs are not only getting ready to release excavated material, but have even produced new debris!

18Nov2018: Photocryptic has released its first unearthings! Check it out if you dare...

10Nov2018: Finally something has been unearthed. The long awaited album from Cassandra has been released. Several more bands are very close to completion.

 2Okt2018: Practically all the debris has been excavated and revamped. All bands signed up for this year have completed instrument tracks, including Cassandra, Photocryptic, Saturnine, Crystal Temple and Winter Sun. However, IT has not been able to find the right crypt to lay down the vocals in. How typical...

30Jul2018: All devil worms have been casted out and all digging serpents have been restored. Dawn Satyr have been sent to Crete to recover. Cassandra reports that their album is complete, except for vocals, since IT, the singer, is still mumbling incoherently.

In other news, Photocryptic is in the studio to dredge up some crazy, spooky stuff from the 90s. Saturnine's ghouls have also begun to hover near the excavations. Hopefully an album by Samhain!

7Jul.2018: Major Disaster hits SSR! As Cassandra was blasting through the roof of Hades, serious problems with our equipment has brought everything to a screaming halt. The boring teeth became infected with devil worms and all of the digging serpents suddenly got zombie rabies turned on everyone. All members of  Dawn Satyr have been critically injured and Cassandra's singer was found in the cemetery murmuring to itself

24Apr. 2018: Cassandra is rumoured to be working on it's first album to drag out of the pit. Hopefully well before the Summer Solstice? 

24Apr. 2018: Dawn Satyr release of Wandering In The Twilight is the logical followup album. Found in the same strata, similar themes and styles emerge. 

Mar. 2018: Dawn Satyr has released its long awaited album, Wandering In The Dawn. This is part 1 of 2 albums to rerecord songs from a distinct strata, where the first Satyr originated. The 2nd album will be called Wandering In The Twilight. Work at the tunnel has already begun. 

Satyr Syndicate Records has spent the cold Winter Hell of 2017-2018 updating, upgrading and perfecting various portal pulling equipment, including all of the tunneling teeth and conjuring spells. Hereafter new, old songs - and possibly new, new songs, will again be foisted upon this mortal coil (still haven't seen any members of Smashpattern). Stay tuned girls and ghouls! 

2018: Bands planning to release material this year from the portal include Edge of Paradise (pre-goth gloom rockers)  Dawn Satyr (formerly Ursatyr (pre-Satyr mystic fire dancing Romas)), Cassandra (another Disastro pet project), and possibly even Photocryptic, Satyrnine, and Monster Automatic